Here Are
The Rules
To Conquer
The Seven

  1. 1 League Commissioner determines the number of
    teams participating in their league and the number
    of characters per team
  2. 2 League Commissioner organizes the draft to
    determine which characters are on which team
    (draft recommendations below)
  3. 3 No deadline to form Leagues, but points begin to
    count during the premiere episode
  4. 4 Teams earn points based on the characters’
    performance over the course of the season
  5. 5 Team with the most points at the end of the season
    wins the League

Points System

- Each Episode -

1* Surviving
an episode
1 Pouring Wine
1 Saying
“Bend the knee”
1 Saying
“Winter is coming”
3 Capturing
or Banishing
3 Escaping
Capture or Exile
5 Giving Birth
5 Getting Married
7 Ultimately sitting
upon the iron Throne


How To
Draft Your

To make sure you're on the road to victory, we wanted to share a couple of recommendations on how to run your draft.

Regardless of how you draft, we suggest making a night of it - gather all your Teams together in one kingdom, share some meat pie, and hold an in-person draft. Alternatively, if everyone is too busy guarding the Wall, you can easily hold your draft over e-mail. As Commissioner, the choice is yours:

Option 1

The Traditional "Snake" Draft

Determine a draft order for the Teams, by seeing who can name all the Stark children the fastest, or simply picking out of a hat ( any random method of your choosing will do). The hold a "snake" draft to pick one character per round of the draft - the Team with the first pick in round one, picks last in round two; the Team with the second pick in round one, picks second to last in round two, etc. Once a Team picks a character during the draft, that character is "spoken for" and no other Team may select that character.

Option 2

The "Random" Draft

For those Commissioners who love surprises, you can randomly assign characters to each Team. Any method will do, and we encourage creativity and variety, just as long as all the Teams end up with the same number of characters, with no characters appearing on more than one Team.